Be Selfless
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What We’re Doing is the region's only public-facing search-and-discover guide to the active nonprofits in the Indianapolis region. and the Rotary Club of Indianapolis have partnered together to bring this site to central Indiana as a way to re-imagine the club's former Indy Do Day project. Beselfessindy,org helps connect the public to what nonprofits need now -- from products and supplies to donations to impact stories and data to ways to help through hands-on or skilled volunteering.
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Inspiring Service
Our History
Founded in 2017, Inspiring Service began offering its innovative technologies in Cincinnati. It has now expanded all across the country with platforms and services, helping communities respond, recover and become resilient to today's challenges.
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide innovative solutions to inspire and empower people and organizations to strengthen and improve their community and themselves.
Our Vision
Inspiring Service's vision is to create vibrant, equitable and connected communities.