Covid-19 community engagement

To date, the COVID-19 Central Indiana Community Economic Relief Fund (C-CERF) has, through four rounds of funding, awarded more than $23 million to more than 200 nonprofit organizations in Central Indiana. In total, C-CERF raised nearly $24 million, and has supported partners in all six counties we serve. United Way was uniquely positioned to administer the C-CERF and is proud to deploy our substantial expertise and existing relationships to ensure this fund successfully accomplishes its goals. To learn more about C-CERF, visit


To support the rapid implementation of plans to fully scale remote learning capabilities for every student in our community, United Way of Central Indiana was proud to join as a founding participant in the Indianapolis E-Learning Fund. The $200,000 investment from our Family Opportunity Fund will help to ensure Central Indiana students have access to technology, county-wide e-learning and social-emotional learning strategies and a statewide e-learning lab. We also know how important technology and internet connectivity in households is to the success of children in their education and adults in their career success. Click here to learn more about the fund.


In partnership with the Colts and Pacers Sports & Entertainment, United Way of Central Indiana supported the fundraising campaign to support neighborhood community centers. Hundreds of local donors answered the call from Jim Irsay and Herb Simon by contributing to this effort.

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