Volunteers will scan, sort, and inspect donated food items in our warehouse.

Volunteers are needed to assist clients with our curbside pickup program in our food pantry.

Volunteers assist in the warehouse processing donated food or putting together bags or boxes of food. Ages 9+. Monday-Friday — 8:30-11:30am and/or 12:30-2:30pm.

The #1 job for volunteers is proving great customer service and a dignified experience for our neighbors. Volunteers stock food items, help bag up groceries, collect & sanitize carts, and more! Ages 13+. Shifts available Tuesday-Thursday & Saturday each week.

From apples and corn, to squash and pumpkins, SoSA volunteers glean fruit and vegetables throughout Indiana. Volunteers glean surplus produce on small and large farms, pick up excess produce from farms that can’t be sold for market, glean local farmers markets and/or participate in produce “drops” in parking lots! ALL of this fresh produce is…

High priority items: Men’s and women’s boots in all sizes, Men’s and women’s jeans in all sizes, Men’s and women’s underwear in all sizes, Razors, Travel-sized shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion. For those in our Housing Program: Housing Food Kits (Example: pasta/spaghetti/noodles, pasta sauce, ramen noodles, cans of soup, cans of vegetables, cans of chili,…

Volunteers will assist with set-up, provide traffic direction, and assist with client check-in at our rain or shine event. Sign up at https://gleaners.volunteerhub.com/

Food pantry volunteers will assist clients as they shop in our on-site food pantry at Gleaners Food Bank. DUTIES WILL INCLUDE: Loading cars as they come through the drive-thru; Directing traffic into, through, and out of the building. Some heavy lifting is involved – up to 30 pounds. This project does take place in a…

Volunteers will help to repackage bulk food items into family-friendly quantities. Sign up at https://gleaners.volunteerhub.com/

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