Plan and Lead a Sober Social Event with our Members: Bring your creativity & pose your idea for an event to have safe, clean fun with our members!*The goal of recovery from substance abuse is to move anyone from being an active user to having a healthy life in sobriety. Some may not know or recall how to live a life that does not include drug. or alcohol use. So participating in fun, sober activities allows our members to have a rich, full life and fills up the time that used to be spent feeding any addiction.* We do require that Sober Social Event facilitators spend at least 25 hours in the café (serving as a Café Companion) prior to working on an event proposal. This will ensure that facilitators understand the café model and have a chance to meet our Members & Guests!We’d invite you to first join our Event Planning Committee which meets the third Wednesday of each month (or the week directly following our Monthly Sober Social Event).Examples of past events include but are not limited to: open mic event, ballroom dancing, game night, ice cream social, BBQ, craft night, movie night, and trivia night!